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Valence Drilling Fluids is a locally operated company dedicated to providing the oil & gas industry with the highest quality drilling fluid products.

From procurement and product development, to X-ray diffraction and chemical analysis, Quality Assurance has always been our number one priority. We provide the best drilling additives this industry has to offer, and we guarantee that our product has been quality controlled to meet industry standards before ever leaving our facility.

Valence Drilling Fluids R&D labs follow all API test methods and standard operating procedures to ensure we only sell the finest drilling fluid additives on the market and is now offering that same assurance to anyone in the industry.

Come see what makes our R&D lab one of the most modern & fastest growing testing facilities in the Permian Basin.

Lab Services

Water Base Mud Analysis

  • Oil, Water, Solids Concentrations
  • Filtrate Analysis
  • pH, Alkalinity, Chlorides, Hardness, Lime
  • Alkalinity (POMs)
  • Rheologies
  • Fluid Density
  • Low/High Gravity Solids
  • Fluid Viscosity

Oil Base Mud Analysis

  • Oil, Water, Solids Concentrations
  • API HTHPT Filtrate
  • Whole Mud Chlorides
  • Alkalinity (POMs)
  • Rheologies
  • Electrical Stability
  • Fluid Density
  • Low/High Gravity Solids Concentrations
  • Viscosity

X-Ray Diffraction
Gas Pycnometer
Linear Swell Analysis
Lubricity Testing
Benchtop Product Comparison Testing
API Frac Sand Analysis

OUR Other Solutions

A Comprehensive approach to challenging situations

Mud Systems

Our library of mud systems consists of many types of High-Performance Water Base Muds (HPWBM) and Non-Aqueous Fluids. We tailor our mud systems to match each project's specific needs by using market-leading products.

Technical Support

Technical Support

The role of our technical support has grown over the years. Our support includes hydraulics optimization, project planning, advanced KPI's, lab work, and much more. We have all the tools to support our customers at the industry's highest level.

Resource Center

We produce systems that better serve our growing customer base

Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

Our Safety Data Sheets (SDS) provide workers and emergency personnel with procedures for handling or working with substances in a safe manner. Please click below to access the documents.

Technical Data Sheets (TDS)

Here you will find the Technical Data Sheets (TDS) with summaries of technical characteristics for our products. These sheets are password access only. Please click below to access the documents.

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