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Our mud systems are as unique as our customers projects, we engineer each mud system to be as economical but effective as needed to ensure our customers are successful.

In Force

The IN FORCE system is Valence Drilling Fluids Diesel based mud system that has been designed to utilize different products based upon each customer's specific needs. Diesel base systems may be old technology, but Valence is utilizing different blends to match economics and strength of projects.

Syn Force

The SYN FORCE system is Valence Drilling Fluids Mineral based mud system that has been designed to utilize different products based upon each customer's specific needs. Mineral base systems are more environmentally friendly compared to traditional Diesel based systems and provides the same performance you would expect from a traditional non-aqueous fluid.  

Ex Force

The EX FORCE system is designed to emulsify diesel into the water phase of the drilling fluid. This system is highly versatile in that it can utilize diesel, mineral oil, fresh water, cut brine, and saturated brine as the base fluids. BDE systems originated out of necessity to drill through salt formations fully saturated and reduce mud weight to minimize losses to thief formations. Valence has added to the evolution of this system and can maintain emulsion without agitation to produce a stable drilling fluid while adding inhibition capabilities through brine additions.

Poly Force

POLY FORCE is a LSND HPWBM that provides inhibition without the additions of chlorides that often increase disposal costs. This LSND system performs best when solids are minimized and that allows for superior lubricity through long laterals.

Pro Force SF

PRO FORCE SF is a solids free HPWBM that provides inhibition in high salinity environments.  This pure polymer system is shear thinning and is capable of producing OBM range lubricity coefficients with the Addition of Extreme Torque Reducer B.  These properties help reduce the surge and swab pressures on the well bore and allow the rig to achieve higher pump rates with lower impact on STPP and ECD.

Thermo Force HT

THERMO FORCE HT is a uniquely designed WBM that is thermally stable up to and beyond 365°F with the capability of weighting up to 16.0 lb./gal. In Extreme Torque Reducer HT will improve the lubricity of the mud system to mitigate excessive torque and/or drag, BHA/Bit Balling, and enhance over all ROP.

Fusion Force

FUSION FORCE is LSND HPWBM that is environmentally friendly and is ideal for long laterals due to its lubricious nature. This system can be utilized in 9.0 to 14.0 ppg mud weight ranges while using freshwater, cut brines, saturated brines and produced water.

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Technical Support

Technical Support

The role of our technical support has grown over the years. Our support includes hydraulics optimization, project planning, advanced KPI's, lab work, and much more. We have all the tools to support our customers at the industry's highest level.



Our R&D lab is the foundation of our relationships with our valued customers. We have many capabilities at our R&D lab to support and provide solutions to our existing & potential customers, and other companies within the industry.

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Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

Our Safety Data Sheets (SDS) provide workers and emergency personnel with procedures for handling or working with substances in a safe manner. Please click below to access the documents.

Technical Data Sheets (TDS)

Here you will find the Technical Data Sheets (TDS) with summaries of technical characteristics for our products. These sheets are password access only. Please click below to access the documents.

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