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Do you have a covid response plan if someone tests positive test in your organization?

Yes, we have a standard plan for our company based on exposure levels and location of the event to ensure that service to our customers will not be interrupted.

Do you operate your own Semis that deliver products to your customers?

Yes, we operate our own Semis in basins that benefit our customer’s needs and use reliable industry-proven 3rd party drivers to help us maintain the service standards we expect.

Who can request testing at your labs?

Anyone can request testing at our labs but only our customers have discounted and free testing access.

Where do I send invoices, statements, or accounting inquiries?

Please contact: ap@valencedf.com


A Comprehensive approach to challenging situations

Mud Systems

Our library of mud systems consists of many types of High-Performance Water Base Muds (HPWBM) and Non-Aqueous Fluids. We tailor our mud systems to match each project's specific needs by using market-leading products.

Technical Support

Technical Support

The role of our technical support has grown over the years. Our support includes hydraulics optimization, project planning, advanced KPI's, lab work, and much more. We have all the tools to support our customers at the industry's highest level.



Our R&D lab is the foundation of our relationships with our valued customers. We have many capabilities at our R&D lab to support and provide solutions to our existing & potential customers, and other companies within the industry.

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